SIMPHONY - Simulation framework for multi-scale phenomena in micro- and macro-systems
SIMPHONY - Simulation framework for multi-scale phenomena in micro- and nano-systems

The SimPhoNy project will advance the state of art of multiscale nano-enabled materials modeling, reducing the gap between science and European nanotechnology industries by developing an easy-touse integrated multiscale modeling environment for nano-enabled materials and systems by design.
The underlying main concept stems from the recognition that a significant number of advanced single-scale tools that are available readily to researchers and engineers can be effectively reused as building blocks for multiscale simulations. This can be achieved by developing effective interfaces to single-scale software tools that provide read and write access to the internal state of the software. The primary concept of SimPhoNy is therefore to extend and integrate existing and well-established single- and multiscale simulation tools and pre- and post-processing solutions into an easy-to-use simulation environment.

Grant Agreement: 604005
Call: FP7-NMP-2013-SMALL-7
Coordinator: Fraunhofer University
Participants: Quantech, CIMNE, DEM Solutions Ltd, Enthought Ltd., Hellma GmbH & Co. KG, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Numerola Oy, Sgenia Soluciones, Biofluidix Technion, University of Jyyäskylä