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Compass celebrates its 15th anniversary

Published: 03/08/2016

The company Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas, SA has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Compass was created in 2001 by the joint initiative of CIMNE, a group of engineers and the company Nautatec SL, the core investors in the new company.

In the last 15 years Compass has grown to be an active international player in providing software solutions and integrated codes for a range of engineering problems, with an emphasis on structural analysis (CodeRamseries), fluid dynamics, multiphysics and fluid-structure interaction (Code Tdyn), marine engineering problems (Code SeaFem) and glass forming processes (Code Tdyn-Glass). Compass is also a distributor of the pre-postprocessing system developed by CIMNE.

“From CIMNE we wish Compass and its team a happy birthday and all the best and success for the years to come”, said Professor Eugenio Oñate, Vicepresident of CIMNE.

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